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Beginning Metalsmithing Intensive

Come and immerse yourself in a fun 2-day workshop of basic and intermediate metalsmithing techniques! This workshop is heavily technique driven in teaching the How & Why of what we are doing. All you need is interest and patience as you’ll be guided along. Learn how to manipulate metal to create jewelry through demonstrations and hands-on work focusing on the proper techniques needed to build a strong foundation for the metal arts.

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Stacking Rings Workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn new skills as you hand fabricate your very own Sterling Silver Stacking Rings. We will cover a range of basic silversmithing techniques including torch control, sizing, hammering, filing, texturing, shaping, soldering and adding patina to create your pieces. You will leave with 3 beautiful shiny rings!

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Bezel Setting Workshop

This fun bezel setting ring workshop will be jam packed with silversmithing tips and as with all the workshops we will focus on techniques for How we do it and Why are we doing it that way. Perfect for a beginner or intermediate silversmith looking to refine or refresh their skills with soldering, sawing and fabrication. 

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Fold Forming Workshop

Currently on hold:

Fold-forming is a exciting technique of metalworking whereby metal is folded, repeatedly forged, and unfolded creating beautiful textured 3-dimensional organic forms. We will be having fun experimenting with flame working patina, practice annealing metal (softening the metal with a torch), textures, and hammering copper metal around to create organic shapes like leaves, pods and then some!

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Cold Connections — Wire & Tube Rivets

Currently on hold:

Cold Connections is the art of combining two or more pieces of metal together without the use of heat. In this workshop you’ll create a 3 layered pendant out of brass & copper from a pattern provided and saw out your design using several techniques in assemblage for cold connections.

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Private Workshop

The Private Workshop is perfect for the student looking to work on a specific project and learn a specific metalsmithing technique. Lesson plans will be based on your desired technique(s) to learn. My goal is to help you get excited about the possibilities of using the materials and tools in order to bring your creative visions in metal to life. This is guaranteed one on one instruction.

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Private metalsmithing workshop and classes




Open Studio

Is not available at this time:

The open studio is an opportunity for all current and previous metalsmithing participants to access the studio for use of all tools and materials and work independently on projects. Intermediate-level experience is required.

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