Fold Forming

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Fold Forming is an exciting technique of metalworking whereby metal is folded, repeatedly forged, and unfolded creating beautiful textured 3-dimensional forms. In this workshop there will be demonstration and hands-on work in copper. Explore the many possibilities this technique has to offer using simple tools like hammers, anvils and your fingers.

We will be having fun experimenting with flame working copper colors, practice annealing metal (softening the metal with a torch), creating textures, learning how to stretch and move metal by hammering copper to create organic shapes like leaves, pods and then some! You will have the opportunity to shape and hammer brass to create a decorative wire hanging for your pieces and add protective sealer for a glossy finish. You will leave with multiple finished pieces. Unleash your alchemical side and create some fabulous shapes with fold forming!

This workshop will include all materials/consumables and use of all tools/equipment. Participants must be at least 18 yrs old. No prior experience is necessary. Contact the studio if you don’t see a date that accommodates your schedule or for any other questions.


Fold Forming Workshop

$90 ~ 2hrs

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Located in Los Angeles, Ca 90031 exact address is given out with appointment or workshop sign up