OStudioworks is a unique destination for art workshops taught by Nicole Ohayon and both established and emerging artists as guest instructors who have achieved significant recognition in their fields.

Whether discovering a brand new passion, refining a talent or expanding your creative repertoire, this cozy studio is a place that fosters creativity, encourages self-expression and is sensitive to the needs of the individual and to the dynamics of a group. It is a place to collaborate, comfortably stretch the boundaries of your imagination and create magnificent works! Our workshops range from silversmithing, metalsmithing, wedding bands, 14k gold rings, bezel setting rings, wax carving, jewelry making, claw setting irregular stones, metal etching, cold connections, metal embossing, team building events and many other art forms.


It is a joy for me to share metalsmithing techniques and collaborate on creative ideas with each person, I love seeing how people light up when you see what you can do with little to no experience. Come in as a beginner or if you have previous experience and would like to refresh and build your skill set. It has been a pleasure to teach hundreds of workshops and close to a 1000 students who have happily left here with a new found skill set, or to continue their journey in metalsmithing as a hobby and/or start their own business. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, I’m happy to answer them and get you started on your metalsmithing journey!

Artist Statement

At the core of work & life is experimentation… experimentation w/ matter & spirit, w/ material & self…where the alchemist would take matter; the alchemist must also go, from prima materia to philosopher’s stone, from lead to gold, from here to wisdom…fire, water, air, acid; all the elements transform…then; imprint the self; w/ markers, nail polish, w/ resistance…allow to dissolve, allow chance, allow risk…then; at the right time, the right temperature, that perfect point of transformation…all processes are unique…each a personal & archetypal experience…each piece is unique, capturing the growth of self experimentation.


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Located in Los Angeles, Ca 90031 exact address is given out with appointment or workshop sign up